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Pile of forested logs

About Us

Wood Fuel Market specializes in supplying business customers with sustainable wholesale wood bioenergy of the highest possible quality.


Choice Products
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We know that sourcing high-quality wood fuels can be incredibly difficult. This is why ensuring high product quality is our number one priority. Having worked in the field of wood fuels for over 20 years, we've developed a supply chain consisting of a vast multinational network of trusted producers. We perform regular quality audits in order to ensure that the wood fuels these producers manufacture continue to be of the highest possible quality.

The Very Best Price Offer

By always working only in very large product quantities, we are able to negotiate the best possble terms and provide our 50+ clients with much lower prices than any of them could ever get on their own. By working with Wood Fuel Market, you will always be able to get the best price.


Our Mission

Our main goal is to make it easier and simpler for you to provide your customers with high-quality firewood. Tell us about your business’ needs and we’ll provide custom solutions tailored exclusively to you. We only sell products of the very highest quality as product performance is directly linked with customer satisfaction. High quality, dry wood fuels are also better for the environment as they burn cleaner and create fewer particulate emissions.

Who We Are

Wood Fuel Market is a privately-owned, family-run company based in Latvia. We have over 20 years of experience in the wood fuel market. We currently serve customers in 17 countries all over Europe. Our business clients value us for the superlative quality of service and the high quality of our wood fuels.


Proudly Based in Latvia

Wood Fuel Market is based in Latvia, one of Europe’s most densely-forested countries. Latvia has been a major exporter of wood fuel for many decades. Thanks to eco-friendly and sustainable foresting techniques developed over the years, Latvia's forest area keeps growing in size year after year.

Contact us to learn how we can help your business succeed.

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