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Product Spotlight: Bark Briquettes

Long-burning bark briquettes are a hot new type of fuelwood that is taking the wood fuel industry by storm.

Made from 100% pure softwood bark, these briquettes can burn for upwards of eight to twelve hours. This is noticeably longer than any other type of wood fuel out there and makes bark briquettes a perfect stand-alone wood fuel for overnight heating and work at home scenarios. As well as making it a perfect supplementary fuel for traditional firewood and biomass briquettes.

Wood Fuel Market is proud to have been one of the first wholesale wood fuel suppliers in Europe to offer bark briquettes. In this article, we will share some of our knowledge about bark briquettes with you. If you decide that wholesale bark briquettes are the right choice for your business, contact us today.

What Are Bark Briquettes?

Bark briquettes are a biomass wood fuel product made from shredded softwood bark. To create the products, the bark is shredded, dried at an ultra-high temperature, and compressed to the desired share and density with an industrial pressing rod. No glues or binding agents are used during the process.

How Long Can Bark Briquettes Burn For?

Depending on the airflow setting and the appliance used, bark briquettes can burn for between 6 and 12 hours. This makes them a perfect option for overnight heating and work-at-home scenarios. They are also popular as a stand-alone heating option for milder weather.

Why Are Bark Briquettes Becoming Popular?

Exceptional Burn Time

Bark briquettes burn longer than any other type of wood fuel. Almost anyone can achieve a burn time of over 6 hours with bark briquettes. In certain scenarios, burn times upwards as high as 12-14 hours can be achieved.

All-Natural Product

Bark briquettes are made from 100% natural sawdust bark. No chemical additives are used in their creation. As a result, they burn cleanly and the ash they leave behind can be safely used as garden fertilizer.

Universal Shape, Long and Simple Storage

Wood Fuel Market’s wholesale bark briquettes are brick-shaped and perfectly uniform in size. Their shape helps optimize shipping and storage efficiency as it minimizes wasted space. If left in their original packaging, bark briquettes can be safely stored for many years.

Can Be Used in Any Appliance

Bark briquettes can be used in virtually all wood-burning appliances, from log burners and multi-fuel stoves to chimineas and sheltered fire pits.

Why Bark Briquettes Are the Perfect Addition to Your Catalog

With their ultra-long burn time and moderate heat output, bark briquettes offer the convenience modern wood fuel users so desperately seek. They rid users of the need to add new logs to their stove every couple of hours. And their moderate heat output makes them a perfect solution for spring and autumn as overheating stops being a problem.

Contact Us

If you are interested in wholesale bark briquettes, get in touch with us. You'll be assigned a personal account manager who will help you find out the best all-in-one wholesale bark briquette solution.

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