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Product Spotlight: RUF Briquettes

Clean burning and easy-to-light, RUF Briquettes are popular all over the world due to their convenience, ease of storage, and high heat output.

Manufactured from 100% chemical-free hardwood sawdust, these sawdust-based briquettes are a lot more energy dense than any type of conventional kiln-dried firewood and can provide a steady heat output for multiple hours. Millions of households in Europe already use sawdust briquettes as their main wood fuel in lieu of traditional firewood. And the popularity of RUF briquettes is increasing every year.

Wood Fuel Market is a premier seller of wholesale RUF briquettes. We ensure the highest product quality by only sourcing our sawdust briquettes from the most trusted manufacturers and conducting our own quality control.

If you decide that wholesale RUF briquettes are the right choice for your business, contact us today.

What Are RUF Briquettes?

RUF briquettes are a compressed wood fuel product made from shredded hardwood sawdust. They are made by kiln-drying sawdust and then compressing it to a brick shape with an industrial pressing rod. This process does not require any glue or binding agents, so the resulting product is 100% chemical-free.

How Long Do RUF Briquettes Last?

RUF briquettes can burn for up to 4 hours under normal circumstances. You can alter the balance of their burn time and heat output by adjusting the airflow settings of your log burner. Less air will result in a longer burn and a lower heat output. More air will increase the heat output at the cost of burn time.

Why Do Europeans Choose RUF Briquettes?

Supreme Versatility

RUF briquettes can be used in all types of wood-burning appliances, from log burners and multi-fuel stoves to fireplaces and chimineas. In a pinch, they can even be used as a campfire fuel.

Natural Product

RUF briquettes are made from 100% pure hardwood sawdust. No glues, binding agents, and chemical additives are used during their creation. The ash left over from their use can safely be reused as garden fertilizer to eliminate waste.

Perfect Balance of Burn Length and Heat

RUF briquettes offer a comfortable balance of burn time and heat output. They can supply just as much heat as high quality firewood but burn longer, which makes them more convenient.

Storage Ease

Thanks to their convenient uniform brick shape, RUF briquettes are easy to stack and can be stored in a highly space-efficient manner. If their protective plastic packaging is unopened, RUF briquettes can be stored for multiple years in virtually any storage conditions.

Contact Us

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale RUF briquettes in Europe, get in touch with us. You'll be assigned a personal account manager who will help you find out the best all-in-one wholesale sawdust briquette solution.

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