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All You Need to Know About Pini Kay Briquettes

Pini Kay Logs are an innovative wood fuel product that offers all of the benefits of traditional wood fuels without any of the hassle.

Thanks to their long burn time, expansion-preventing outer layer, and no-roll octagonal shape, Pini Kay heat logs are the perfect option for modern customers who value ease of use and convenience above all else.

Here’s everything you need to know about them. After you’re done reading, contact us to find out how Europe’s leading B2B wood fuel business can help you find the best wholesale Pini Kay solution for you.

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What Are Pini Kay Logs?

Wholesale Pini Kay Logs are a new type of wood briquette that is popular among retail customers for its high heat output and burning convenience.

They can supply steady heat for 2 hours and their unique shape allows them to burn without rolling, sparking, or expanding.

Pini Kay Info: Raw Materials and Composition

Our Wholesale Pini Kay Logs are made of 100% chemical-free hardwood sawdust that is dried to an extra low moisture level of under 10% and compressed to extra-high density and a chimney effect-creating shape.

How Long Do Pini Kay Logs Burn For?

If used correctly, Pini Kay Logs will burn for around 2-2.5 hours.

Why Do Retail Customers Love Pini Kay Briquettes?

  1. Ultra-high heat output. Thanks to their high density and chimney-effect-creating Pini Kay Logs output a very high amount of heat.

  2. Easy to light and use. When compared to other briquettes, Pini Kay Logs are easier to light.

  3. Require no maintenance. Pini Kay Logs are loved by modern customers as the perfect set and forget solution for getting a fire going.

Purchase Wholesale Pini Kay Logs

Contact us to find the best wholesale pini kay briquette solution for you.

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